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One day I noticed that my MacBook wouldn’t lay flat on the table. That’s weird. I did some research, and it turned out that my battery was swollen, and I needed to replace my machine ASAP or horrible things would happen.

Since my workplace is awesome and lets us use pretty much whatever development environment we want as long as we get shit done, I opted for a Lenovo Thinkpad this time. The keyboard is very nice. I did miss having a Retina screen, but only for a day or two.

The hard part was deciding on a Linux distro. It’s been ages since I last ran Linux on the desktop, and I haven’t really kept up. After some vaccilaiton I landed on Regolith, but I also keep an Mint installation on the side since it’s a really neat distro. I’ve mounted /home on a shared partition, so switching between two installations like this is actually pretty painless.