Ditching GMail

I remember when GMail was cool. If you managed to snag an invite you got a whooping 1GB of storage, which was amazing for its time, and it pretty much solved the spam problem once and for all. Google was a different company back then, and could seemingly do no wrong.

15 years later, I’m ditching GMail. We simply cannot trust Google to not be evil anymore.

Mailu is a collection of Docker images that together form a complete mail server setup, with spam filtering, IMAP and webmail. It’s pretty easy to set up; you fill in a form with your requirements, they generate a docker-compose.yml which you put on your (docker-enabled) server, and that’s pretty much it. I was up and running on the smallest DigitalOcean droplet available in an hour, and after some DNS record juggling (the Mailu documentation is really helpful) I’m now pretty much self-reliant.

10/10 would recommend.