Going Remote

A week from now the movers will come and stuff all our belongings into a big ol’ truck. We will get in the car, wave goodbye to friends and family and drive north for two days. There, in a small town you’ve probably never heard of, lies our new home.

Naturally, this is quite a scary proposition for a city boy. I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it up there. But I was given a great opportunity, and I had to at least try. Besides, life in the city was getting a bit too convenient, if you know what I mean? It was time for a change.

Fortunately, my employer was keen to keep me on, which means that starting two weeks from now I’ll be working 100% remotely. This is a big change, and I hope it will work out for everyone involved. Our team has started using PivotalTracker and Campfire, and the overall impression is good so far. However, I will be working from my home office, and I just hope the cabin fever doesn’t get unbearable.

Another big change is that I’ll just be working 80%. Living in the northern parts of Sweden is pretty cheap, and after doing the math we decided that it wasn’t really necessary for me to work full time anymore. Instead, I’ll try to spend the extra time on fun personal projects, without having to worry about them earning me any money (although it would be nice if they did).

I’ve been longing to give game development a shot for a long time now, and this is kind of my big chance. For a guy with my background the obvious choice seems to be mobile game development with Android, and I already have some ideas to work on. I’m also really intrigued by what can be done with Common Lisp, which I believe could make for a great interactive game environment. However, my first goal is to finish my Inform 7 game, hopefully being able to enter it into IFComp 2011. Watch this space.

You know, I have a good feeling about this.