Loot — 25 of 26

Fredrik Appelberg

Release 1

Section - The cache

The crack in the wall is scenery in the crypt. "It's about as wide as your fist. It's too dark for you to make out anything inside."

Instead of searching the crack: say "It's much too dark; you can't make out a thing."

Instead of touching the crack when the eyes are closed:

say "With your eyes closed you tentatively put your hand in the crack, fully expecting a poisonous sting. Nothing happens, though. It must've been you imagination all along![paragraph break]Also, you find something that very much feels like an ancient necklace.";

now the necklace is in the crack;

try silently taking the necklace;

earn a point.

Instead of touching the crack when the necklace has been held: say "You have a thorough rummage around the ol' crack, but can't find anything else in there."

Check touching the crack for the first time: say "You lift your hand towards the crack but you're sure you detect some kind of movement in there. A scorpion perhaps? A snake? Why does it always have to be snakes? You quickly withdraw your hand." instead.

Check touching the crack: say "Again, you lift your hand towards the crack in the wall; again you see something moving in the darkness and lose heart. There is a vile, poisonous thing in there, you're sure of it." instead.

Instead of inserting the lamp into the crack: say "You try holding the lamp up the crack, but it's too narrow and weirldly angled for you to get a good view inside (you're pretty sure there's something waiting in the shadows, though.)"

Instead of inserting something into the crack: say "No. You might lose it."