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Fredrik Appelberg

Release 1

Section - Treasures

A treasure is a kind of thing.

The indian headband is a treasure on the ledge. The description is "[one of]An incan[or]A mayan[at random] headband, possibly used for burial ceremonies. You really ought to read up on these things; aren't you supposed to be some kind of archaeologist?". It is wearable.

Check wearing the headband when the player is wearing the fedora:

try silently taking off the fedora;

say "(First taking off the fedora)"

Check wearing the fedora when the player is wearing the headband:

try silently taking off the headband;

say "(First taking off the headband)"

The scarab is a treasure. The description is "A scarab found in a ancient South American tomb? You'd have guessed a scarab was more of an Egyptian thing. But hey, loot is loot."

Some bones is a treasure. The description is "The mortal remains of an ancient [one of]incan[or]mayan[at random] guy, you guess. Rather icky to handle, but an important archaeological find, nonetheless."

The scepter is a treasure in the crypt. The description is "This is actually a pretty impressive piece of ancient [one of]incan[or]mayan[at random] hardware. Back home you would have called it a crowbar, but surely this must be a scepter of some sort. I mean, why else would someone leave it in a crypt like this?"

The ancient necklace is a wearable treasure. The description is "It has a nice weight to it; you suspect it is solid gold. As soon as you get out of here, this beauty is going straight to a dealer- [italic type]I mean, to a museum. Where it belongs![roman type]"