The Amazing Arkham Horror Contents Calculator

It starts out innocently enough. You purchase the Arkham Horror base set and play a few games with friends. You have loads of solid, insanity-inducing fun, but after a while it gets kinda repetitive playing with the same Investigators and Old Ones over and over again. So you start looking at expansions, picking up say, Innsmouth Horror and Bam! you’re in Happytown again! Killing monsters! Reading ancient tomes! Learning all things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Soon you have collected all the expansions, and now your problem is that you’re running out of space. The base set alone contains over 700 moving parts. Each expansion adds more game boards, cards, tokens, markers and rule books. You start asking yourself exactly what ridiculous amount of game components you’ve accumulated on your quest to boardgame nirvana.

At least, that’s what I asked myself. And so I whipped together a web-based calculator using GWT and some free time. Now you too can use it to calculate the extent of your mania.

Note: The columns are sortable; try clicking on the column headings. You can filter the selection by (un)checking the boxes for different expansion sets and component types.


3222 components! Whew, that’s a lot!