My Setup

This blog is generated by jekyll, backed by a simple Apache config on the server side. One of the nice things about the site being statically generated is site is that I don’t have to fiddle with cgi scripts, content handlers and whatnot. Also, there’s no comment spam to manage; thank God for that.

I edit each entry in emacs (usually on the train, as that seems to be the only time I have for myself nowadays), run it through a local jekyll instance to see how it looks, then check it into a git repo, which serves two purposes. First, it provides version control for all my content (and I’m really anal about version control). Second, by pushing the changes to another repo on my web host, a post-update hook is triggered which runs jekyll and regenerates the site content with my updates.

I am not a designer, and I don’t pretend to be one. Time was when I actually enjoyed tweaking CSS and spent hours obsessing over pixel placement, semantic markup and all that jazz. The results however, were never that great, and I can’t be arsed with that anymore. Instead, I rely on the Blueprint CSS framework to provide a reasonable layout and typesetting that works in most browsers. It’s not perfect, and I don’t get to have complete control over every single pixel on screen, but I’ve found that I don’t really want that anyway. This is good enough, and if I get to spend next to no time designing and tweaking, great!

Lastly, here’s a picture of Yojimbo, the World’s Cutest Cat: